Christie Puts Meat on Romney’s Bones

Chris Christie has been dragged half way across America to help backstop the Presidential campaign of Mitt Romney in Iowa.

Romney is a serial flip-flopper , a lover of less than conservative causes, and not exactly a man of the peeps.

So Romney as the rep of the 1% brings in all of the other 99% in the corpulent frame of one Chris Christie.

Christie is one of those timeless Big Bobs, a politician who has that prized skill of being able to talk directly and effectively with people.  With Christie you know what you get, and yes, it comes with a side order of fries.

But like most politicians if the story is not about Christie then why are we even talking ?The reality of Christie’s endorsement of Romney is that it is all about Christie.

No doubt Christie will be a prominent surrogate for Romney during 2012 which can only boost his profile .

The hometown boost is already in, from a 47-44 negative rating amongst New Jersey voters mid 2011, following the national exposure, the numbers are now a very positive 54-36.

A strong showing during the 2012 campaign will boost Christie’s re-election chances in New Jersey in 2013, and gives him the 2016 Presidential platform he needs.

Assuming that Romney wins the nomination and loses the general election, he will be Christie’s new friend and moneybags for 2016.

Let me speculate some – Christie gets re-elected and for his health gets a lap band and loses 150 lbs.  This personal salvation story is almost a movie of the week, there is at least an inspirational story of struggle for an autobiography.  And appearances on the View talking about being a former fatty.

Then he meets  Gov Nikki Haley and they form a dream GOP ticket in 2016.

Or he abandons his fat free future, supersizes , and eats her with a side order of dahl.

Which would you rather see ?



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