The Last Lunch for Larcher

This is the guide to cooking poms fritte, use it well my friends.

A long career with his sizable snout in the trough comes to a close for Gerard Larcher, recently retired as President of the French Senate.

Larcher blamed multiple marriages amongst immigrants for their poor job getting skills. He was out to lunch at the time.

Larcher will be most remembered for fighting for poms fritte to be enshrined as a national dish, and a permanent addition to the Senate menu.

Larcher was most proud that French women managed to maintain their trim figures while on a diet rich in butter and snails.

Looking at Larcher we now know how French women keep trim, they give their portions to their husbands.

Vive le Larcher – the larder of the French people will always be open to you.  Well, at least in the Senate cafeteria.


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