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El Gordo Rides Again

And , swallow...

Corrupt, sleazy Latin American politicians are like the proverbial horror movie monster that, no matter how many times you shoot it or set it on fire or run it over with a car, always come back for one more scare. No surprise then that in Nicaragua, eminent ex-presidential scumbag Arnoldo Alemán (1997-2002) stood for election again as President.

This is the same Alemán who was convicted of corruption in 2003 for stealing something like US$100 million from a country whose entire government budget amounted to  only about US$1.4 billion annually. The Fat Man or El Gordo in Spanish (as he’s known) got sentenced to 20 years in prison. He only served about two. The rest of the time he spent under “house arrest” on his sprawling estate, when he wasn’t actively traveling around the country campaigning.

Thanks to a “pact” he had made with Daniel Ortega in 1999, Ortega got control of the government and Alemán got a Get Out of Jail Free card. Alemán was released in 2009 after the Supreme Court overturned his conviction for corruption.

Not content with escaping prison, however, Alemán is running for office again. As this kind of breaks the power-sharing pact, the government is going after him again with new charges of corruption. He’s undeterred.  He lost to Ortega, but he is still fat.



Ukrainian Ninja

In the Ukrainian Question Time  you need to make sure your Point of Order is not to pointed.  Fuller figured Vice speaker Adam Martynyuk showed  lithesome deputy Oleg Lyashko that neither age of extra kilos had wearied him.

You have to admire Adam’s form, he has obviously retained the skills he learnt fighting with the Spetznatz in Afghanistan.

It seems this stoush was over changes to the dining privileges of MPs.

McUnhappy Meal ?

NY Councillor has a chubby about playing with his food. No toy for Leroy! Check out US ABC News

Me and Mr Jones

Sweet Jesus, think of the suspension , man!

Way down South, I guess it’s Dixie, let’s say it is Mobile Alabama.

Alabama Slammer Mayor Sam Jones is not only a fine figure of a man he was so concerned when he found an unannounced visitor in his garage that he drew his gun on him.

The media in Alabama are questioning whether the plus size Shaft had a permit or could legally carry the weapon.

It turned out that the unwanted guest had some “issues”, that plus an unlicensed fire arm are no cause for concern when Sam Jones is on the case.

Fat politics is alive and well in the sultry South as Alabama lawmakers voted for the NRA law to make gun ownership private, rather than the annoying public register.

So we may never know is Scintillating Sam Jones’ weapon was legal, of that he was just pleased to see his unexpected guest.

“Never hold an inquiry unless you know what the outcome will be”

Russ, centre, with a couple of jockeys

  • Russ Hinze was a conservative country politician from Queensland, Australia.  A bit Boss Hogg you might say.
  • He was notoriously tough on the old law and order jaw-jaw , but was even more notorious for his rather blind eyes.  He was named in the famous Fitzgerald Inquiry for accepting bribes from business types.
  • He was a dairy farmer who had one too many helpings of cream cheese.
  • His one enduring legacy, if I may be indulged here, is his grand daughter..

There was something good inside Russ...his grand daughter Kristy

Moore baby…

I'll have two more slices, and some potato skins, and some fries, Sprite, no Mountain dew, no, Diet Pepsi. And an apple pie....

Michael Moore is not a politician but then neither is Donald Trump.  One wears a cap , the other has a squirrel on his head.

One might run for the White House.  One might be found at a steak house.

After the Occupy movement was booted out of  Wall Street Michael Moore stood in.  He filled the park.

Many say that Moore is full of it.  Cake, pizza, burgers, he’s full of all of it.

Moore is not so much left wing as buffalo wing.

Moore is so rich he could afford decent clothes.  But then he would look like a fat, rich bastard, whereas he is really a man of the people.  Several people.

Here’s a tip : avoid getting in an elevator with Moore he will bore you rigid with his views on guns, healthcare and other tedious liberal hate crimes.  And it is likely the weight limit for the elevator will be exceeded.

Australian Liberal heavyweight Joe Hockey regrets the second helping.