Kim Jong Un Fat Douche

I am so angwy, and hungwy, I hate you Dad , why did you have to be buwied on sheperds pie Tuesday. They killed weal sheperds and evewyfing.

Fat politicians in the modern age are mostly supporting players, doomed to waddle around behind some thin faced gimp with a gift for sound bites.

Not so our far distant cousins in the Peoples Gulag of North Korea.

If ever you ask yourself, which is better Communism or Capitalism , compare the pair, North vs South.  It’s “juche” no comparison.

While the South became industrial heavyweights and join the developed world only 60 years after having been blown up in a proxy war, the North have become some putrefying prison camp where the people starve.

Except for the Great Dear Superfly Leader Kim Jong Un.  He is eating for Pyongyang and all the provinces.  His blood sugar levels are through the roof and he is only in  his twenties.  Sadly, his people can only dream of having any sugar in their blood.

It is depressing that he is fat, fatties are supposed to be jolly.  It is even worse that he has that fat kid’s haircut which just makes you want to pants him.

I try not to wish Il of anyone but it was his dad’s name .

Come on China, do the right thing, get them on the righteous development road and not stuck in their Nightmare on the Yalu River.


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