The Original Fat Bastard

Cyril Smith adorns our banner, the fattest man to ever squash the leather in the British Parliament.  Cyril was a whopping 190 kgs.  Hello big boy.

Cyril was actually a bastard, we suspect his father was a Yorkshire Pudding.

Cyril loved his mum and made her his Mayoress of Rochdale.  He kept the old bint working as a cleaner all the same.

Cyril was a turncoat , so he was a political bastard as well as a bastard- bastard. Originally a Liberal, then Labour, back to Liberal again, and finally Liberal Democrat. He would have enjoyed being rogered by David Cameron, helping to take the Lib Dems back to their pre-Cleggian obscurity.

It is rumoured that the Liberals offered him cream cakes.

Cyril Smith had a political career , but we are unsure if he has a political legacy.  Fact – it was not a storm which cost Sevenoaks six of its oaks, the wood was needed for his casket.

If memory serves when he appeared on the BBCs Question  Time they put him where they usually sat the Tory, on the Right end so we could see him in all his rotund glory.

He was very involved in activities with young people, but never married.

I am going for a wash…

The Liberals purposely lost seats so that Cyril could have his...


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