Moore baby…

I'll have two more slices, and some potato skins, and some fries, Sprite, no Mountain dew, no, Diet Pepsi. And an apple pie....

Michael Moore is not a politician but then neither is Donald Trump.  One wears a cap , the other has a squirrel on his head.

One might run for the White House.  One might be found at a steak house.

After the Occupy movement was booted out of  Wall Street Michael Moore stood in.  He filled the park.

Many say that Moore is full of it.  Cake, pizza, burgers, he’s full of all of it.

Moore is not so much left wing as buffalo wing.

Moore is so rich he could afford decent clothes.  But then he would look like a fat, rich bastard, whereas he is really a man of the people.  Several people.

Here’s a tip : avoid getting in an elevator with Moore he will bore you rigid with his views on guns, healthcare and other tedious liberal hate crimes.  And it is likely the weight limit for the elevator will be exceeded.




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