Me and Mr Jones

Sweet Jesus, think of the suspension , man!

Way down South, I guess it’s Dixie, let’s say it is Mobile Alabama.

Alabama Slammer Mayor Sam Jones is not only a fine figure of a man he was so concerned when he found an unannounced visitor in his garage that he drew his gun on him.

The media in Alabama are questioning whether the plus size Shaft had a permit or could legally carry the weapon.

It turned out that the unwanted guest had some “issues”, that plus an unlicensed fire arm are no cause for concern when Sam Jones is on the case.

Fat politics is alive and well in the sultry South as Alabama lawmakers voted for the NRA law to make gun ownership private, rather than the annoying public register.

So we may never know is Scintillating Sam Jones’ weapon was legal, of that he was just pleased to see his unexpected guest.


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