The Big Bobs Fan Club is dedicated to celebrating those larger than life politicians who have made our lives so much fuller.

People like former Australian politician Bob Ray, a heavyweight physically and politically.

Senator Robert Ray, it must be tea time soon

Men like the robustly built Australian Senator have been our inspiration, the wind beneath our buffalo wings.

Big men, fat really, but porkies who played their politics like a slow full service lunch paid for by the public. Which of course it was.

As we have become Bob sized we decided it was time to stand up..or maybe remain seated..and speak out..with our mouths full.

Fat pollies are on the march again..to the refrigerator.

Chris Christie, so lazy he could not get past one proper name.

Newt Gingrich who is so smart he really did eat his homework.

Big heroes for a bigger tomorrow!

When we originally hit on the idea of the Big Bobs Fan Club it was a kinder , gentler time, and we did not know what we know now.

Or at least suspect what we know, or something. Once there were two Bobs, we had an each way bet, and came up short it seems.

One of our faves then was straight talking Australian Senator Bob Collins who it seems was less straight than he actually was, in fact he may have been downright queer in all the wrong ways.

Unfortunately, Bob Collins died under a bloody big cloud of child sex abuse claims, never proven because of his suicide in 2007.

This is not a tribute site for some dead rock spider, if we were better at WordPressing we would make it “Bob’s” rather than “Bobs”.

The Big Bobs Fan Club is a nostalgia for a type of simple retail politics that is being bypassed by thin humourless machines who think mind maps and word-clouds are useful and provide a substitute for ideology.  Big Bob’s Fan Club is a wish for the return of larger than life politicians who could talk simply and make decisions, and stand by them.   And be funny doing it.

Sadly, politics is more often illusion than truth and a cover for the self interest and perversions of the powerful. Could be worse, we could be in Pyongyang, people!


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